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new items (and mother's day ideas):

above left: hand printed linen coasters ¦ above right: hand printed tea towels

above left: tree coasters ¦ above right: earthenware mugs made in UK (4 colours)

above left: glass kettle ¦ above right: hand made linen cosy with indigo triangles

old time favourites:

above left: mini taster sets with 6 teas or 6 infusions in mini matchbox size tins £7 ¦ above right: 5 larger tin assortment £10 infusions £15 teas

above: our core range, a selection of over 20 teas and infusions, 100% natural, whole leaf, hand packed. from £3

above left: "Miko", glass teapot 1.2L ¦ above right: paper filters (high res coming soon)

other items we love:


above: handcrafted alphabet cup & saucer, fine bone china, made in England, £22 each with gift box


above: your personalised 1kg tea shop caddy with your name, label and caddy of choice, from £39


above left: Opus glass teapot £29

above left: 2011 textile calendar / tea towel £10 ¦ above right: waist apron linen £19

above left: Cloud bird cushion cover £24 ¦ above right: Triangle flowers linen cushion cover £30

This is only a selection of products. For any other image request and PR enquiry please contact Andrea at andrea.sanpedro@asp-pr.co.uk



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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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