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tea caddy
HALF PRICE. Only small black caddies left... Plain metal tea caddy as seen in tea shops! Label shown on picture not included, sold plain. Ideal to store and display your tea. The large one will make a...  
Bulk 1kg Black tea lychee
£ 17.00
This is a classic Chinese scented tea. Lychee is one of the most popular fruit in China with its high juice content and sweet-tangy taste. This tea is a refreshing choice.  
Bulk 1kg Black tea scented with rose
£ 17.00
Subtly sweet and floral, this tea is made in China in the traditional way: red rose petals and the tea are mixed together and then separated by sieving, leaving the tea naturally scented.  
Bulk 0.5kg Peppermint
£ 18.00
Gold Taste Award 2009.100% natural & caffeine free- This peppermint is delicious, full of sweetness, with a peppery edge and lasting refreshment. Caffeine free and believed to help digestion, this infusion is a great everyday choice and...  
Bulk 1kg English Breakfast
£ 21.00

a strong flavoured tea with a malty spiciness.

about the tea: among the countless types of English tea blends which are offered today, the traditional classics are still among the most popular. Our creation is based on a...

Bulk 1kg Organic Rooibos
£ 22.00
100% natural & caffeine free- The rooibos herb is believed to have relaxing effects, and is commonly given to young children in South Africa where the herb comes from. Great for those who havenít got a taste...  
Bulk 1kg Chai tea
£ 22.00
A lovely black tea with aromatic spices (think cardamom, cinnamon, cloves...). It is full of warmth and spiciness. Add sugar and milk to create a rich sweet drink. Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cloves,...  
Bulk 1kg Jasmine tea
£ 22.00
New! A classic chinese everyday tea. A semi-fermented tea with sweet jasmine blossoms.  
Bulk 1kg Balancing Infusion
£ 23.00
This stunning blend was put together according to Ayurveda principles and is a real invitation to relax and a true sensory delight!  
Bulk 1kg Refreshing Infusion
£ 23.00
New! A fresh clean tasting infusion with lemongrass, lemon peels, black pepper, peppermint, ginger pieces and liquorice. Caffeine free  
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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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